Saietta means ‘thunderbolt’ in the Italian Apennine dialect. We chose that name for everything that it represents: Pure Power. We exist to shake up electric drivetrain technology: to turn preconceptions on their heads; to radically reinvent convention. We believe that the rapid transition to electric drivetrain technology is unstoppable. For too long, the internal combustion engine dominated and change was long overdue. But change should not mean we go backwards. In our sophisticated, design-led society, compromise is simply not an option. At Saietta, we’re forging a new way: a new generation of ultra high-efficiency, high power-to-weight, compact, lightweight electric motors and controllers specifically designed to propel a broad range of vehicles into a new era. Through radical innovation and uncompromising design, we will advance electric motor-controller technology exponentially and propel it into the mainstream.


Our vision is to be a leader in the design and manufacture of vehicle electric motor-controller drivetrain technology for all modes of transport, by leveraging our existing skills and partnerships, or by developing new ones.

By identifying pivotal design challenges and finding innovative new solutions to challenges, we develop and manufacture solutions that will benefit society in a lasting way. By questioning existing technologies rather than accepting the ‘norm’ we can shed new light on old problems – and effect true change.



Saietta Group is the result of a long working partnership between two UK-based technology leaders, Agni Motors (est. 2002) and Agility Global (est. 2008). Agni Motors made its name as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of innovative, high efficiency electric motors powering vehicles which set multiple world firsts and records on land, sea and air. Agility Global received widespread acclaim for its single-minded focus to transform the premium electric motorcycle sector, with its 8-generation high-performance electric road bike concept branded Saietta R (0-60mph in three seconds, 127Nm peak torque) proving that electric is anything but a compromise. After working together on the highly innovative Saietta R project, the two companies joined with the shared goal of radically transforming vehicle propulsion with electric motors-controllers that surpass internal combustion engines in power, performance and design.


Record breaking electric motor and controller technology


The senior management team has a unique cross-functional set of abilities and is highly experienced in driving exponential growth. It’s supported by a dedicated team of specialist professionals with deep motor-controller knowledge from a wide range of technology sectors.



Saietta Group is based at Heyford Park in Oxfordshire, an ex-RAF base. Spanning an area roughly five times the size of the City of London, several buildings across the site are listed and the entire former airbase is designated a conservation area. Our R&D headquarters is a 15,000 sq ft complex with a unique blast-resistant structure – a Cold War legacy and one that we sincerely hope is now superfluous to requirements! We also own one of the very impressive 200+ hardened aircraft shelters dotted across Heyford Park: once a fighter bomber hangar, it now provides us with an extra 10,000sq ft of space. It’s a truly unique location with a fascinating cultural heritage and a very special atmosphere. Dorchester Group, who own the site and much of the surrounding area, are committed to developing a sustainable long-term community at Heyford Park. They are investing heavily in new facilities, housing, commercial spaces and amenities with a keen eye on good design, careful material choices and respect for the environment, in line with their mission to create cleaner and greener places. For us, Dorchester Group’s ethos is a perfect fit, dovetailing neatly with our own vision to deliver truly innovative sustainable transportation.