Saietta axial flux motor/generators feature a combination of  innovative architecture and unique, ultra advanced materials to deliver truly astonishing levels of efficiency, reliability and usability.  Here, you will learn more about the key features and benefits.

Ultra-high efficiency across the whole rpm range

Saietta motors have a peak efficiency of up to 94%.  Not only that, but this extreme efficiency is held over virtually the entire rpm range up to maximum motor speed with a constantly high torque value and no field weakening.  This means clients can use significantly smaller, cheaper and more compact batteries to achieve performance and range targets on an electric vehicle.  On top of that, if clients plan to regenerate electricity to recharge the battery under braking or when slowing, the efficiency value of the Saietta motor is identical to the values of the motor under power which is unique to our motor architecture.




Ultra-compact design

The pancake disc shape and extreme overall compactness of the Saietta design makes our motor / generator easy to package and ideal for installation where space is at a premium.  The air-cooled design – where air is drawn in to the unit axially and expelled radially – allows a compact installation envelope with no external cooling needs.


Lightweight design

The high power and torque to weight ratios delivered by the advanced axial flux design produces a significant weight saving over other, often more expensive, radial and axial flux motors.


Simple, cost-effective controls

Saietta motor / generators use direct current (DC) in power mode and produce smooth direct current in generator mode which means that they can be controlled by simple, light, compact and cost-effective electronics.  The Saietta units switch mechanically internally which eliminates the need for an encoder or an inverter thus saving space and money while increasing reliability through reducing complexity.  The mechanical switching is achieved by using Saietta’s own unique design of highly durable metal matrix composite (porous carbon, silver and molybdenum disulphide).  DC power also means that Saietta motors can run directly off solar panels, fuel cells, batteries, wind turbines or any other source of direct current with only a simple switch and no complicated interface electronics.  Where more features are required, such as a progressive power delivery with a reverse function and a regeneration function, Saietta can recommend a range of highly efficient motor controllers which can be supplied with all the engineering support necessary to achieve a perfect set-up.

Multi-phase design

While conventional permanent magnet AC motors have only three phases, the advanced ‘Lynch’ type design of the Saietta motor allows for more than 100 phases.  This significantly increases torque while also eliminating cogging (the jerky effect often felt at low speed) and low-speed stalling.  All Saietta motors run smoothly and consistently from 0.1 volts up to maximum voltage.


Weatherproof design

All Saietta motors are air-cooled with a controlled and funnelled air path to ensure consistent performance.  A thermistor is always fitted to protect against overloading or overheating and the level of protection against external elements such as water, dust and grit is exactly the same as an automotive alternator or starter motor to ensure consistent reliability in all climatic conditions.

Robust, reliable and proven

Saietta axial flux DC traction motor/generators are the product of years of innovative design and development.  All Saietta products are designed to operate in the harshest of environments with unmatched reliability, having been proven in the most challenging of applications, setting world firsts and records on land, sea and air.